IIA DK is now a part of the FSR, Cyber Security Committee (Cybersikkerhedsudvalget)

We have in IIA now an entrypoint to the Committee as I – representing IIA as a Board member – is appointed to be a part of the Committee.

But what is the purpose of the Cyber Security Committee?

Besides sharing knowledge on this high-focus and high-risk area, the purpose of the Committee is to stay updated on specific, related topics, risks and legislation, develop methodology, ensure stakeholder management and in general to support FSR to ensure proper service to members. This will also be a benefit for the IIA members as well.

The appointment is for a 2-years-period and first task in Q1 2023 is to ensure input to System Audit Attestation (Systemrevisionsbekendtgørelsen) and a possible attestation on NIS2.

We are obviously exited about this opportunity and look forward to the collaboration going forward.